From being a little girl I have always dreamed of having a lifestyle brand inspired by my farming upbringing. I suppose I always wanted to share the magic. We were always outdoors amongst nature, we have such a strong family bond and I hope all of that can be captured in my brand forever.

I studied Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University where I was able to develop my passion and skills for design. It was during my first year at University that I decided to start the business.

All the clothes and prints have been designed by myself here in the UK and have been lovingly made in an ethically working factory in India by happy, fairly paid staff.

The latest collection is inspired by the beauty, texture and colours of the countryside and nature around us. The colours are rich, the fabrics are soft and comfortable and they are made for children to explore in.

A lot of the images I use and am inspired by are from my Grandparents slides from over 70 years ago, I love that these photos that are a part of my past now can be a part of my future.

Forever thankful for every single customer, not only are you supporting a small British business but you are making my dream come true.